Master Workshops

Monday, June 15

This year’s Master Workshops are all-new for Annual Meeting attendees. This is the reinvented Pre-Conference, a half-day that will give association professionals the chance to dive deeper into publishing and career concerns than conferences often allow. Rob Goldberg & Anthony Shop will each facilitate a two-hour session on the first day of the Annual Meeting, leaving attendees excited and energized for the week.

Rob will kick the day off, facilitating in-depth learning on career development; and Anthony will round out the afternoon, helping attendees dive deeper into the changing digital and social media landscape. The Master Workshops will wrap up with the one-hour Annual Meeting Opening Reception, open to all, beginning at 5:30pm. Master Workshops are open to all association publishing professionals, but registration is limited to 100 attendees, so sign up early. 



“Sustaining Personal Change”
Presented by Rob Goldberg

Ever make a New Year’s resolution…and kept it? This leadership workshop explores why we often don’t carry out the changes we commit to, and will help you make significant progress toward a professional or personal goal you feel strongly about. This Master Workshop promises to be challenging, highly interactive and rewarding.


Robert Goldberg is founder and principal of Organization Insight, a consulting partnership dedicated to helping organizations:

  • Implement strategic, cultural and other changes
  • Develop their teams to effectively lead their organizations|
  • Build individual leadership capacity through training and coaching

Prior to founding Organization Insight in 1998, Robert managed the Organizational Change practice at the Center for Creative Leadership, the premier leadership education institution in the United States. Before CCL, Robert held positions in HR management and leadership development at two Fortune 100 corporations.

Robert has published numerous articles in several organization development publications, including the OD Journal, Leader to Leader, the OD Practitioner, BizLife Magazine, and others. You can access these articles and Robert’s new leadership blog at

3-3:15pm Snack Break


“Driving Your Social Strategy”
Presented by Anthony Shop

21st Century tools won't work if your organization is stuck in a 20th Century culture. It takes more than tools to connect with people in today's world. Social technology puts people at the center, empowering them to write their own story and connect in ways that used to be unimaginable. Organizations and brands that embrace today's culture make connections and get results. This is not a typical social media workshop. We will not teach you what a hashtag is or the difference between liking and following. We won't even tell you how to tweet. We will pose serious questions about how to develop a comprehensive strategy that unleashes the energy of your people – members, experts and readers. Learn how leading companies and associations are using social media to achieve their business goals. Anthony will use real-world examples to show how your organization can:

  • Put people and their story at the center, rather than your brand or bureaucracy
  • Create strategies around how your members actually behave, not how they say they would
  • Align your social tools and tactics with your mission and business goals

Anthony Shop is a pioneer in the field of digital media and online advocacy. A former journalist and press secretary, Anthony is the first new media professional to be elected to the prestigious National Press Club’s Board of Governors. He founded the Club’s popular “Get It Online” digital media series, which has hosted luminaries from USA Today, NASA and The White House to discuss media trends with the national opinion leaders and influencers. Starting from a deep belief that the future is bright and people come before technology, Anthony co-founded the digital innovation agency Social Driver in 2009. Social Driver has since been named the 7th fastest growing agency in the United States by The Agency 100, without taking on any outside investors or debt. As Chief Strategy Officer, Anthony has sparked innovative campaigns for a portfolio of clients including Honda, Salesforce and leading nonprofits and associations.