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  • Moore, Monica
    Associate Editor
    Association Management Center
    Monica Moore is an associate editor at Association Management Center (AMC). Along with providing editorial services to associations of varying sizes in various fields, in 2014 Monica managed the website ...

  • Morales, Neftali
    User Experience Designer
    Association Management Center
    Neftali Morales is the user experience designer at Association Management Center (AMC). Neftali’s work includes user research/testing, leading collaborative web strategy workshops, and crafting site ...

  • Neiberger-Miller, Ami
    PR strategist & writer
    Ami Neiberger-Miller founded Steppingstone LLC, an independent public relations firm specializing in supporting nonprofit organizations and associations, in 2003. She is accredited in public relations and has focused ...

  • O'Flahavan, Leslie
    Leslie is a get-to-the point writer and an experienced, versatile writing instructor. As E-WRITE owner since 1996, Leslie has been writing content and teaching customized writing courses for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, ...

  • Reid, Shannon
    Sales Manager
    Network Media Partners
    Shannon Reid has over 16 years sales experience, and 13 specifically in media and event sales on behalf of professional associations. Shannon has managed the sales effort for over 15 different associations. She works ...

  • Robertson, Maria
    Senior Director of Marketing and Communications
    International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering
    Maria Robertson has headed up the Communications Department of the School Nutrition Association (SNA) since 1996. She oversees the development and delivery...

  • Roy, Jackie
    Digital Analytics & Operations Manager
    Jackie is a Digital Analytics & Operations Manager who focuses on just that: reporting, SEO, and content strategy for several of McMURRY/TMG’s clients such as Industry Edge JCK, CDW, National Apartment ...

  • Ryan, Mike
    Design Director
    Journey Group
    With a keen eye for organization and beauty, Mike leads Journey Group’s team of designers towards excellence in visual storytelling. Under Mike’s leadership over the past decade, Journey Group’s client work has been celebrated...

  • Shop, Anthony
    Social Driver
    Anthony Shop is a pioneer in the field of digital media and online advocacy. A former journalist and press secretary, Anthony is the first new media professional to be elected to the prestigious National Press Club’s Board of ...

  • Shoul, Brittany
    VP Sales
    Network Media Partners
    Brittany Shoul has over 7 years of experience working with professional associations on generating nondues revenue through advertising sales, corporate sponsorships, and trade show exhibits. She has worked with more than 8 ...

  • Soth, Sean
    Webvent Content Networks
    Sean has been an AMP member for several years, and provides more than a decade of experience selling and marketing association business services, products, media, and events. Throughout his career, Sean has worked with ...

  • Stevens, Cindy
    Senior Director of Publications
    Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
    Cindy Stevens is the senior director of publications for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which owns and produces the International CES. She is editor-in-chief and publisher ...

  • Tauzin, Anna
    Senior Marketing Manager
    National Restaurant Association
    In her role, Anna serves to connect restaurant operator members of the National Restaurant Association with new technology and marketing concepts. This includes directing the Association’s new ...

  • Webb, Amy
    Webbmedia Group
    Amy Webb is a digital media futurist and founder of Webbmedia Group, a leading digital strategy consulting firm for emerging technology advising in media, entertainment, advertising and technology companies, and for higher education...

  • Wise, Wendy
    Digital Marketing Manager
    American Chemical Society
    twitter: @wndywise
  • Woodall, Deborah
    Senior Manager
    Association Management Center
    twitter: @connect2amc
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