At 3.1 million square feet, the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center is the largest structure in Washington, DC, and the first and only federal building designated for public and private use. A section of the Berlin Wall is housed in the building. Standing over 9 feet high and 3.5 feet wide, it weighs almost 3 tons.

Just inside the 14th Street entrance, the Atrium space features an eight-story foyer which gives way to an arched, glass skylight that soars from 35 to 125 feet. The Atrium’s skylight contains 1,240 pieces of glass and covers an entire acre. Route Zenith, a neon and glass sculpture located at the Atrium’s eastern end, was created by artist Keith Sonnier. The piece is one of the largest neon works in North America, approximately 30 feet wide by 49 feet high, consisting of glass plates and neon tubes in the primary colors of red, blue and yellow.